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Foods That Can Naturally Whiten Teeth!

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Yellowed teeth can raise eyebrows: What’s going on with this person’s physical, emotional or financial health? Why have they let themself go? Consider bright white teeth, which communicate positive health! Believe it or not, there are foods out there that can naturally whiten your smile! Natural Stain Removers A stain dissolving compound known as malic acid is a common component in teeth whitening products. Which foods naturally contain this compound? Foods scoring high in malic acid are: Green apples Nectarines Bananas Watermelon Pineapple Apricots Gooseberries Raspberries Cherries Lemons Grapes Prickly pears Mangoes Kiwi fruits Strawberries Blackberries Tomatoes Will simply eating these delectable fruits and berries be enough to substantially whiten your...

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Thank You For Your Feedback

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We greatly appreciate feedback from our guests! As a patient of Dr. Merchant, your opinion matters to us and we would love the opportunity to continue to enhance our services. Please click on one of the following image links to leave us an online review and let us know why Dr. Merchant is the best dentist in Tumwater, WA!   Share your feedback by clicking one of these options:   Thank you for sharing your feedback with us; we appreciate...

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