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New Year Resolution 2019 For My Mouth (Floss?)

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Dear Dr. Merchant, I am making my New Year’s Resolution list for 2019. Any small resolutions I can add to my list to keep my mouth healthy? Signed,  2019 Resolutions   Dear 2019, Happy New Year to you and your mouth! You are smart to add small manageable habits to your resolution list. Too often folks go all out and try to implement mega changes at the start of the year. Studies show that modest changes are the easiest and tend to have more staying power. One of the simplest and quickest changes you can make in your oral routine (if you haven’t already added it) is to floss every day. It takes under a minute and has long lasting benefits for both your oral and overall health. You may need to make a conscious effort to get the ball rolling at first, but it is...

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