Are Back-To-School Dental Checkups Really Necessary?

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Dear Dr. Merchant, Summer is winding down and back-to-school is ramping up. With all the items on my to do list, is it really necessary add a back-to-school dental check up to my growing list of duties? Signed,  Busy Parent   Dear Busy, In a word, YES! Number two pencils and a sturdy backpack aren’t the only things your child needs to start the school year off right. A back-to-school dental check up is just as important as a child’s well check at the pediatrician for many reasons. Your child’s overall oral health can have a significant impact on his/her performance at school, and the last thing a busy family needs is to take time away from school to treat issues that could have been prevented. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends these...

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Don’t Forget Mouth Guards On Your Back‐To‐School Checklist!

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  It’s that time of year again ‐ time for the kids to head back to school! No doubt you’re busy helping them prepare for the new school year by working your way down your “back‐to‐school” checklist ‐ binders, check. Pencils, check. Cool new outfits, check. But is your checklist missing something crucial for your kids’ safety? If your kids participate in any of the following school sports, they could be at risk for facial or dental injuries: • Football • Basketball • Field and ice hockey • Lacrosse • Rugby • Soccer • Volleyball • Water polo • Wrestling Additionally, some after‐school activities could also put your kids and teens at risk for injuries, including: • Gymnastics • Martial arts • Skateboarding •...

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5 Secrets of the Summer Super-Mom

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Summer is a often a wonderful season spent enjoying the company of friends and family in the sun. Of course, those of us with kids know how busy it can be as well. To help those mothers out there stay on their game and make this summer the best ever, we asked the Summer Super-Mom for some help. Here are 5 Secrets of the Summer Super-Mom, shared by your favorite family dentist in Tumwater, Dr. Merchant.  

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Help Your Kids Start School With Healthy Smiles

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Summer vacation is the most fun time of year for most kids. Maybe it’s all about playing video games, staying up late, and snacking on junk food — things most kids love to do. Not to be neglected, however, are some faithful friends you desperately need long after the sun-soaked days of summer are over. Who are they? Your teeth! Taking Time for Oral Health Enjoying camping trips and toasting marshmallows with friends is what summer vacation is all about. But crawling into a sleeping bag without the usual teeth brushing and flossing can take its toll on your children’s teeth over time. The new school year is like a clean slate just waiting to be filled with good memories and opportunities for growth and adventure. That’s why we want to remind...

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