Healthy Foods for a Healthy Mouth

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Dear Dr. Merchant,

I brush and floss regularly, but I am thinking I can do more for my oral health. Can you tell me some good foods choices to help keep my mouth in shape between cleanings?


Inside Out

Dear IO,

Great question! It’s easy to think that we are doing enough if we simply brush and floss twice a day. Many people don’t realize that what we eat and drink can also have a significant effect on our choppers. Nourishing teeth on the inside is just as important as cleaning the plaque and stains away from the outside.

Water, Agua, H2O, Adam’s Ale

Water is the best thing you can drink for a healthy mouth. It promotes saliva production, which is your body’s natural way of cleaning bacteria from your mouth. Water also cleans away bacteria by rinsing out your mouth with every drink. If you can drink fluoridated water, that is the best. Flouride helps protect teeth from the inside against acids and sugars that can cause cavities. The American Dental Association has some good information on the importance of drinking water throughout the day.

Awww, Nuts!

We all know that nuts have proteins and minerals that are good for our bodies. Well, those same goodies are beneficial for our mouths as well! An added benefit is that like water, chewing nuts promotes saliva production. This helps wash away unwanted bacteria and other erosive crud from teeth.

Got Dairy?

Dairy foods are rich in calcium. Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for strong bone and tooth production. Choose dairy products with little or no added sugar like regular milk, cheese and yogurt. Watch out for dairy products with added flavor and sugar. Ice creams and flavored yogurts are types of dairy best enjoyed in moderation as they have lots of added sugar to make them extra tasty.

Other food choices you can make to keep your mouth in tip top shape include raw and cooked vegetables and crunchy fruits. “An Apple a Day” isn’t just about minimizing trips to your family doctor. Apples can also help keep your choppers healthy! The American Dental Association recommends these and other food choices for optimal oral health.  

Happy Oral Health!

Dr. Christopher D Merchant D.D.S.

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