How Can I Get My Chicken Husband To Go To The Dentist?

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How Can I Get My Chicken Husband To Go To The Dentist?

Dear Dr. Merchant,

My husband is an extremely manly man in almost every sense of the term. He is not afraid of manual labor and tackles all kinds of projects without batting an eye. He does not flinch at bugs or rodents and doesn’t complain when he gets sick. The only thing he is fearful of is going to the dentist!

Is there anything I can do to help him overcome his dental fear?


Frustrated Wife

Dear Mrs. Frustrated,

Let me begin by assuring you that your husband is not alone in being insecure about getting his mouth checked. The mouth is a pretty personal spot on the body, and some people get extremely uncomfortable at the thought of having that space invaded. First comes the fear of embarrassment. What will the dentist find out about me and my personal habits? Next comes the fear of discomfort. The thought of experiencing pain in the mouth is overwhelming for some people. Last comes the worry that the dentist will find all kinds of issues that will need immediate and expensive attention. Some people would rather ignore their oral issues and hope that they go away instead of taking reasonable and proactive action. I have some thoughts to share with your husband so that you can support him in improving his oral health care:

Schedule A Consultation Without Obligation

The first thing to do is to schedule a consultation without obligation between your husband and the dentist. Reassure your spouse that this is just a meet and greet so that the two of them can get to know each other before any treatment plans are made. Your spouse will get to know the dentist’s bedside manner and learn what to expect at a typical appointment.

Poor Oral Health Can Lead To Other Longterm Health IssuesOlympia Dentists

Talk with your spouse about how poor oral health can complicate heart and other systemic diseases. Letting that anxiety determine whether or not one goes to the dentist is unreasonable and can eventually lead to poorer health in general. Fear of discomfort can be alleviated by talking with your provider about your concerns.

Your Dentist Is A Partner In Your Overall Good Health

Your dentist is like a partner in your health care business. He or she is proud to help you achieve your smile success and will work with you to make that happen both emotionally and financially. Your dentist should present options that are reasonable for you in your situation and should help you realize your goals on your terms. A strong relationship will lead to lasting oral health and a positive experience for both you and your dentist.

A healthy smile is a healthy partnership between patient and doctor. The fear of embarrassment, pain, and financial challenge can be alleviated by talking with your provider about your concerns before treatment. Best Health has some good information on this issue. Once your spouse experiences a visit that is pleasant and non-threatening, then getting him (or her!) in the chair for yearly visits will become part of their healthy lifestyle. 

Happy Oral Health!

Dr. Merchant D.D.S.

Dr. Christopher D. Merchant D.D.S.

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