Teeth Whitening in Olympia

Teeth Whitening Olympia WAWould you love to improve your overall appearance with a brighter and whiter smile? Teeth whitening by Olympia, WA area dentist Dr. Christopher Merchant is a wonderful option for anyone who’d like to achieve a more youthful and beautiful-looking smile. Whether you’re twenty years old or eighty years old, you deserve to feel great about your smile!

As we age, stains from tobacco use, soda, coffee, tea, and even some foods, may begin to discolor our teeth. With a variety of professional whitening systems to choose from, we are able to help you erase these stains. Dr. Merchant helps you restore a brighter, more natural-looking appearance through the use of our custom-made whitening trays.

If you are considering teeth whitening, we highly recommend an appointment with our dental office. As professionals in the industry, we are able to give you better results than any over-the-counter options your local grocery or drug store can provide. Professional whitening offers you customized take-home whitening trays, perfectly fit the unique contours of your smile. These trays allow for precise, and more even contact with the bleaching solution, therefore helping you achieve the best possible results. Whitening your teeth through your dentist is always the safest way to bleach, as we are able to monitor your progress and modify the treatment plan if necessary.

If you have been wanting a brighter smile to dazzle those around you, brighten your smile with our take-home whitening system! Please contact our practice for an Olympia WA teeth whitening appointment today!

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