Crowns and Bridges

Crowns Tumwater WAWith 20 years of dental experience, Dr. Christopher Merchant knows what it takes to create beautiful, custom crowns and bridges. Dental crowns and bridges are permanent restorations permanently attached to existing teeth or implants. You may find yourself needing a crown or bridge due to a variety of different factors, outlined below.


A crown is a “cover” placed over a damaged tooth and instantly improves its appearance. Dr. Merchant uses a wide variety of crown materials and will determine each case based on what is best for you. Crowns may be necessary in cases where replacing a large-sized filling that does not have enough tooth structure remaining, recovering a fractured tooth, or even disliking the size and shape of your natural tooth.


A bridge is used to replace the gap left behind by a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge is permanently attached to the natural teeth surrounding the empty space. A bridge will be recommended to replace one or more missing teeth and is viewed as a preventive measure against other oral health problems. Untreated gaps between teeth can lead to gum disease and TMJ disorders. As with crowns, Dr. Merchant uses a wide variety of materials and will select the right one for you.


After deciding the appropriate course of treatment for you, your tooth will be prepared. A customized shade will be selected to ensure a natural look. An impression of your teeth will be taken, and a model will be made so our premier dental lab can create a custom crown or bridge for you.


We have worked with the same dental lab for close to 15 years and they have always provided fantastic results. The lab technicians are highly skilled and are able to create life-like crowns and bridges for our patients. While awaiting delivery of the final product, a custom-made temporary will be made in our office for you.

In as little as two weeks, you can enjoy a beautiful new restoration and a newly updated smile. If you are in need of bridges or crowns in Tumwater, WA contact our practice today!

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