Metal-Free Fillings

Dental Work Tumwater WAMetal-free fillings allow us to restore the beauty of your smile. For those needing fillings and dental work in Tumwater, WA, we are happy to offer you this aesthetically pleasing option.

A metal-free filling is a filling used on a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. It consists of a composite material, closely shaded to match the color of your tooth for a seamless look. During preparation, the composite material bonds to your tooth, providing a completely natural-looking result.

We choose to provide metal-free fillings to our patients for several reasons. The first and most popular reason is that non-metal fillings are more cosmetically pleasing than traditional metal fillings. Our patients love the ability to smile and laugh without showing obvious dental work. Metal-free fillings are less invasive than mercury (amalgam) fillings since they easily bond to your tooth. Conversely, amalgam fillings require more removal of healthy tooth structure to allow enough space to hold the filling.

Dr. Merchant uses only the highest quality materials available. This allows us to deliver excellent aesthetics, strength, and wear-resistant results. In addition, Dr. Merchant has more than 20 years of experience working with composites, enabling him to achieve great-looking, long-lasting fillings for you and your smile.

See for yourself the difference a metal-free smile can make! Schedule your consultation today!

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