Dentures in Olympia WA

Dentures OlympiaDentures are no longer a treatment for just elderly patients. Anyone who has lost some or all of their teeth may benefit from using a denture. While dentures may take some getting used to, they are more natural looking and comfortable than ever before.

A denture is a removable appliance used to replace missing teeth and the tissues connected to those teeth. They are custom-made by our premier dental lab, who we’ve partnered with for 15 years, using specific impressions of your mouth. A denture is typically made from acrylic plastic, porcelain, and metal materials.

At our practice, we offer full, partial, and implant-supported dentures to Tumwater, WA patients. We want to create the right size and shape for you so we can guarantee you the best fit possible. After a thorough consultation, we will help you choose the type of denture that’s best for you. Aesthetics are very important when it comes to dentures, so any photographs you may have of yourself with your original teeth, are always beneficial to the denture process. You should feel great about your smile no matter your age or stage in life.

If you are considering dentures for yourself or a loved one, we would be happy to have a consultation with you to discuss your Olympia, WA denture options. Please contact our practice today.

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