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After-hours dental emergencies can be scary and painful.  As a patient of Christopher D. Merchant DDS, we care for you 24/7 for situations that require immediate attention!  If you find yourself with an after-hours dental emergency, please call our office for specific instructions.

We see NEW Patients for emergency dental procedures ONLY during our normal office hours.

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Dr. Christopher Merchant is happy to be your emergency dentist in the Tumwater and Olympia area. At our practice, our doctor and team are highly experienced in handling dental emergencies, however, if you are experiencing a major trauma and think you may need immediate attention, please contact 911 or seek out your closest emergency room.

The most common emergency cases we treat are:

Sports related injuries

Tooth fractures

After an evaluation, Dr. Merchant will thoroughly explain the situation at hand and discuss your best treatment options. You can feel safe in the hands of Dr. Merchant as he has a tremendous amount of experience handling dental emergencies. During his two-year residency, Dr. Merchant received extensive training in ER hospital dentistry, while working in a major trauma center.

Here are some quick tips for a variety of common emergencies to help prior to being seen:

Tooth knocked out?

Save the tooth! Put it in a small jar with milk. This helps preserve the tooth. In some instances, the tooth may be saved and reinserted.

Temporary crown fell off?

You should try to put the crown back on.  You’ll want to dry the temporary crown and then place a small amount petroleum jelly inside.  Then gently put the temporary crown back on and get in to see us as soon as you can.  Never us any kind of glue to reaffix the temporary crown, especially Super Glue.  Try to not chew on the crown as best you can.

Permanent crown fell off?

When a crown or bridge comes off make sure you save it.  Often it can be cleaned up and reattached.  It’s essential that your crown, bridge or inlay be replaced as quickly as possible. Taking immediate action will prevent shifting of the teeth near the affected area.  If you wait too long your teeth can shift, preventing the reuse of your existing crown.   Of course if your crown, bridge, or teeth underneath are damaged, you’ll need a new one made.


You may experience the generalized “tooth ache” for so many reasons that it’s difficult to determine what might help relieve your discomfort. However, you may look for a few clues as to the source of pain. If you have swelling in your jaw, cheek, lips, or tongue you may have an infection and need an antibiotic. If you have soreness around a tooth there is a chance you have a piece of food stuck between your gum and tooth.  Brushing and then flossing can dislodge the food, and swishing a warm salt-water mix in your mouth may be enough to minimize your discomfort.  If it hurts when you bite on it and have recently had a restoration in that tooth, the tooth may be “high” and need to be adjusted down. Refrain from chewing on that side and make get in to see us the next day the office is open.

We hope that these simple suggestions may help during your emergency dental matter.

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