Laser Dentistry

Dentist Olympia WAMany patients looking to improve the appearance of their smile may not have any problems with their teeth. Instead, the beauty of their smile may be diminished by their surrounding gum tissue–either the gums appearing too big or too visible when smiling.

Having a “gummy” smile may cause one to feel self-conscious. Ideally, your gums should act as a frame to complement your smile. Thankfully, due to modern technology, a gummy smile is now easily corrected utilizing laser dentistry. Commonly known as gum contouring, this conservative treatment using a laser to even out the gumline is faster and more comfortable, compared to treatment methods in the past.

To begin the gum contouring process, we anesthetize the area to make you more comfortable. Using a diode laser, we gently remove excess gum tissue and sculpt a more uniform gum line. Using the diode laser offers many benefits:

  • The procedure is quick
  • Healing time is reduced
  • There is minimal bleeding involved

Dr. Merchant provides top-quality care utilizing laser dentistry near Olympia, WA including gum contouring. We invite you to see what laser dentistry can do for you and your smile today. Contact our practice to schedule your consultation!

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