Tumwater WA Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry Tumwater WAFinding a good dentist for just yourself can be a daunting task. Trying to find one for your children can be even more confusing! Thankfully, Dr. Christopher Merchant offers family dentistry in Tumwater, WA and he enjoys treating patients of all ages. You are able to schedule a cleaning or treatment for yourself at the same time as your child. It’s really quite convenient!

Children’s primary teeth are just as important as adult permanent teeth. Primary teeth aid the child in chewing and speaking. Dr. Merchant recommends a child’s first dental appointment be on or near their first birthday. This appointment is typically very brief. The child will sit on your lap while Dr. Merchant gently checks for tooth decay or any other issues.

When your children are old enough for a routine dental cleaning, you are always welcome to accompany them during their appointment. An examination of the soft tissue and erupted teeth will be performed. Digital x-rays will be taken to detect cavities and to check on the development of the teeth. A polish and fluoride will also be performed. In addition, our hygienists also continually assess your child’s home care routine and discuss ways to improve their oral hygiene at home.

At our practice, we are pleased to offer toys and a special play area for our younger patients. Dr. Merchant thoroughly enjoys children and spent additional time working with children during his general practice residency. He is a very gentle, caring, and experienced dentist in working with children. In choosing Dr. Merchant as your family dentist, you feel confident your child will receive the excellent dental care they deserve to set them up for a lifetime of smiles!

It is our goal to develop a caring relationship with not only you but your child. To serve as your family’s dental care provider and watch our young patients grow is very rewarding! Experience quality family dentistry Tumwater WA parents trust, for you and your entire family. Contact our practice today!

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