Mouthguards and Nightguards

Mouthguards Tumwater WA

Let us help you protect your beautiful smile! At the practice of Dr. Christopher Merchant, we offer several types of protective oral devices. In as little as five days, Dr. Merchant can create and provide you with a custom appliance to perfectly address your unique oral needs. A custom-designed guard or appliance will fit more comfortably than any “one-size-fits-all” appliance found in a drug store. Studies have shown if your appliance is comfortable, you’ll simply wear it more often. The more you wear your appliance, the more consistently your teeth will be protected!

Protecting your teeth and smile is our ultimate goal! With many years of experience in creating custom guards and appliances, we’ll help you pick the one that’s right for you! We supply our patients with the following mouthguards and oral appliances:


While sports are enjoyable to play, they can cause great harm to unprotected teeth and the surrounding soft tissues. Broken, cracked, or even dislodged teeth cannot always be saved, so why risk them getting injured in the first place? A mouthguard is a protective device used to prevent injury to teeth and gums during contact sports. We recommend protecting your teeth with a custom mouthguard if you or your child engages in football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, soccer, or any other contact sport. Your teeth are worth it!


Many people grind their teeth at night. Surprisingly, many of them have no idea they’re doing this! If you suffer from symptoms such as worn down teeth, soreness in your jaw and neck, clicking sounds in your jaw upon opening and closing, or recurring headaches, you are likely grinding your teeth at night. These serious symptoms can be greatly reduced with the simple use of a custom designed nightguard. A nightguard is a comfortable acrylic device used to prevent your teeth from grinding.


NTI Appliance:
An NTI appliance is a small plastic device which fits on the front portion of your teeth and assists in treating disorders of the TMJ. Using the appliance, when you fully close your jaw, the only teeth that come into contact are your front teeth, therefore clenching is substantially reduced. With reduced clenching, TMJ discomforts such as jaw pain, headaches, and muscle soreness can also be reduced. NTI appliances are only worn at night, while you’re sleeping.


At our office, we will custom design your mouthguard or appliance so it perfectly forms to the unique contours of your mouth. If you or your children are in need of a night guard or mouthguard in the Tumwater, WA, area, call our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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