Sealants Tumwater WAWhat is a sealant?
A sealant is a white liquid material placed and cured on the posterior (molar) chewing surface of the teeth.


Why should I get sealants?
Sealants help prevent cavities from forming on the chewing surfaces of your molars. Those deep grooves tend to attract decay causing bacteria because they are harder to reach. By having a sealant placed, a sealed barrier is created, protecting the deep grooves and reducing the ability of bacteria to settle.


Who should get sealants?
Most often, we place sealants on children whose molars have erupted. However, since this is a preventive measure in reducing the chance of decay, there is no age limit on who can have a sealant. This means we also recommend sealants for some adults.


Why should Dr. Merchant place my sealants?
Performing sealants in a controlled office environment are always the safest way to have sealants placed. Over the years we have seen many sealants unintentionally placed over decay, which is something we would not recommend. Having your sealants placed in our office the first time allows for a more definitive treatment as well as a more successful outcome. Dr. Merchant can verify if sealants are the best course of treatment for you or your child.


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